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Using Social Media to Communicate Effectively with Young People about Menstruation

Acushla Young and I are pleased to announce that we have launched brand new guidance for the Period Equality Movement (or anyone who wants to support this movement). It gives guidance on how to use social media to communicate effectively with young people about menstruation.

This guidance is based on my Leverhulme funded research with over 70 young people. We discussed how they wanted to engage with, and learn about, periods online. Using her expertise in menstrual health advocacy and education, Acushla then created six key principles for people working within the period equality movement. This guidance includes quotes from the young women, men, and non-binary students I spoke to in schools, colleges, and universities across Yorkshire.

We are so excited to share that 14 organisations endorse this guidance, including Freedom4Girls, Brook The Sexual Health and WellBeing Charity, WUKA period wear and more!

Take a look at the guidance here:

Ways you can support:

  • Take a look at the guidance and commit to utilising the 6 principles within your work to empower young people. Remember to get in touch and let us know how you have used the guidance!

  • Support the launch of the guidance by sharing the document and our social media posts with your networks

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