My Menstrual Advocacy

It is so important that academic research has a positive impact on the world around us.  In general, I am researching period stigma and menstrual inequalities is to raise awareness and improve societal attitudes towards, and knowledge of, periods. I want to contribute towards normalising periods and reducing stigma so that everybody feels comfortable talking about them.

The main goal of the project is to improve how advocates engage with young people. By presenting my findings and guidance, I'll be helping to shape the aims, strategies and practices of individual advicares, NGOs and Social Enterprises.

In the meantime, I am a Menstrual Health Champion for Irise International who work in both the UK and Uganda. They aim to eliminate period poverty and stigma as well as raise awareness about menstrual health. Read about my collaboration with Irise below.

If you work for an NGO/charitable organisation and you would like to learn about my findings, please get in touch.


Collaborations with Irise International

I am offering my expertise to Irise's Empower Period Project. This is a wonderful initiative that encourages young people to take part in ending menstrual stigma.

I am co-hosting and co-producing podcasts with Acushla Young who is the Advocacy Co-ordinator for Irise. Our podcasts "transform taboo into talk" by openly discussing periods on a public platform. The aim of the podcasts is to break the silence around periods and include a diverse range of experiences. We take an inclusive and diverse approach to periods. Each podcast we invite guests to join in the conversation. Topics include invisible disability, the media, stigma, religion, advocacy, and gender.

You can find the episodes on Spotify and Buzzsprout.


I am also contributing towards a presentation and a booklet designed for Irise's young advocates. The introductory talk and booklet will help 16-18 year olds to plan a lesson which they will then deliver to 12-13 year old pupils. This is a great way of getting young people involved in advocacy and contributing toward ending period stigma.


I featured in Irise's programme for Menstrual Hygeine Day 2020. See poster below!