Presentations Given

Below are a selection of papers I have given about my research

"Menstrual Activism and Interactions on Social Media: Breaking the silence, challenging stigma, and queering the norm"

MeCCSA, Brighton, January 2020

"The Violated and Powerless Female Body in Niger: Representations of FGM and HIV in Adelle Barry’s short story collection En Attendant Minuit (2015)"

Women in French Studies, Leeds, May 2019

"The Creole Female Body as a Site of Western Exploitation and Exoticization in Mauritian Women’s Writing"

Society for French Postcolonial Studies, November 2018

"A Contemporary Parole de femme?: Writing the Menstruating Body in Virginie Despentes’ Baise-moi"

Women in the Wake of May 68, King's College London, May 2018

"Breaking the Silence: Writing Menstruation in Maïssa Bey’s Bleu blanc vert and Leïla Marouane’s La Jeune Fille et la mère"

Women in French Studies, Tallahassee, Florida, February 2018

"Subverting Patriarchal Norms(?): The Bodily Pleasures of Menopausal Women in Michèle Sarde’s Constance et la cinquantaine (2003)"

Women in French Studies, Leeds, May 2017

“‘Periods Don’t Stop for Pandemics’: The Impact of COVID-19 on Menstrual Activism”

BSA and “Feminism(s) in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond”