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Consultancy and Collaborations

I am always open to consultancy work and collaborations, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for expertise in the areas of menstruation, menopause, or gender inequalities.

I have worked closely with government, organisations, and schools in the areas of menstrual health and menopause. These collaborations have improved policy, inclusion in the workplace, and menstrual education.

See below for some of my recent collaborations/consultancy projects.


BS30416: Menstruation, Menstrual Health and Menopause in the Workplace - A Guide

I chaired the committee which created this groundbreaking standard which is being used in 100s of organisations worldwide. I also co-wrote the guidance, focussing on areas such as inclusive workplace culture, allyship, and sensitive conversations.

Our committee won the 2024 BSI award for social impact.

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